DS-K2600 series access controller is designed with latest structure with TCP/IP and RS485 communication interface. The communication data is encrypted to improve the security of system. The controller also supports offline operation and is supplied in a locakable tampered housing complete with 6 Amp Power supply.

Supports both 4 x Wiegand Card Readers (26 and 34 Bit) as well as 8 x RS485 encrypted Card Readers.

32-bit high-speed processor
TCP/IP network communication, with self-adaptive network interface. The communication data is encrypted to ensure information security
The recognition and storage of card number with maximum 20 digits
Massive storage with 100,000 (can be expended to 200,000) cards information and 300,000 (can be expended to 600,000) access control events
Supports multi-door interlocking function (DS-K2602, and DS-K2604), anti-passback function, multi-card function, first card function, super card and super password function
*Online upgrade function and online remote control of the doors
*Supports alarm event upload (including tamper-proof alarm, unsecured door alarm, forced entry alarm, delayed door alarm, duress card and code alarm, blacklist alarm and alarm for invalid card swiping attempts alarm)
*Short circuit attempts alarm and open circuit attempts alarm
*Supports zone alarm input
Supports RS485 interface and Wiegand interface for accessing card reader. Wiegand interface supports W26/W34 and is seamlessly compatible with third-party card reader with Wiegand interface
*Supports various card types such as normal/ disabled/ blacklist / patrol / guest / duress / super card, etc.
*Various indicators to show different device status
*Supports time synchronization via NTP, manual or automatic method
*Supports standby battery (Sold seperatly (Refer Ness Part No BAT210)
*Watchdog for device running status detection
*Data can be permanently saved when the access controller is powered off
Programmed and managed by either iVMS4200 Software or HikCentral

System Parameters
Storage: cards information:
100,000 (200,000 expandable)
access control events :
300,000 (600,000 expandable)
Capacity: 16M
Processor: 32-bit


Device Interfaces
Accessible Card Reader: 8 Card Readers (RS485 Interface) and 4 Card Readers (Wiegand Interface) Connectable
Uplink Communication Interface: TCP/IP Network Interface and RS-485 Interface
Downlink Communication Interface: RS-485 and Wiegand (W26/W34)
Output Interface: Lock Relay×4, Alarm Relay×4
Input Interface: Alarm Input×4,Door Sensor×4,Exit Button×4,Case Input×8,Tamper Alarm ×1


Working Voltage: DC 12V/1A
Power Consumption: ≤4W(Without Load); ≤100W(with Load)
LED Indicator: Power Supply Status, Communication Status, Working Status
Certification: CE, FCC
Working Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
Working Temperature : -20°C to +65°C
Dimensions (L×W×H): 450mm x 400mm x 100 mm